Responsive And Beautiful Designer Websites, With Robust Business Applications

Managing Teams, Projects, Tasks, Time, Calendars, schedules, and ToDos etc.

Web site hosting Control Panel, Plus plenty of hard disk storage space and traffic.

Exquisite Videos, Animation, Advertising For Web And Mobile Devices

Media Mark up and real time collaboration

Employee monitoring and task time measurement

Pixelstem do everything in-house from logo, images, video, content, SEO

I Maintain Sites is a website maintenance service


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Manage your life and set your priorities

Figure out what your priorities to be, not what you think they should be. What would you focus on this second, next, and there after and then thereafter. You have now identified your top priorities

Manage your time and make your job your friend

Keep a strong focus on work at work place, leave on time to enjoy life. Seek out tasks and projects that you particularly enjoy doing If you let your managers know that you are good at something and enjoying doing it, they’re likely to give you more of the same.